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Release notes of XPS MultiQuant

Version Description Date
7.83 Different coefficients for scaling Wargner's sensitivity factors for Mg Kα and Al Kα excitations. New library version (4.1). Limits for transmission file items were changed. Oxygen balance calculation was refined. Erroneously written equations were corrected in the manual. Values of index parameters, read from data files, are tested. User defined (Explicit) and None cross sections are distinguished. New data file version (3.10). Minor bugs were corrected. Nov. 2022
7.82 Undo is implemented for layer thickness and intensity split calculations. The Applied Corrections windows are sizable. Progress bar is displayed in the Layer Calculation window for long calculations. Testing of experiments at thickness calculations was improved. Several minor bugs were corrected. Aug. 2020
7.81 Split Intensity window was introduced. Several minor error correction and improvement were done in the following areas: data and transmission files, Data Wizard, data displaying and editing, report printing. Jan. 2020
7.80 Improved data import facility: miscellaneous delimited texts can be pasted without any previous modification. Testing of input data was enhanced: even less disturbing error messages. The program's workspace can be saved and restored. Checking of obligatory elements for island type models was corrected. New data file version (3.0) with new, robust structure and new file error messages. Transmission files are identified by header line. The cell edit mode is indicated in the status bar. Several minor bugs were corrected. Dec. 2018
7.70 The Data Wizard was enhanced; parameters of the IMFP calculations are requested, if necessary. The pending error condition is displayed in the status bar. Selection of parameters of the Seah-Dench IMFP calculation method is modified (similar to Gries one). In numeric cells, either dot or comma typed, always the current decimal separator is entered. Double clicking the State column in the Element window changes the standard chemical states only for the Oxide-Layer model. Direction of cells can be transposed during pasting. Code was reorganised to prevent redundant error messages. Minor bugs were corrected. Sept. 2017
7.60 The Islands-on-Nanotube model variant was added.
The Show homogeneous composition feature was added to Intensity Simulation.
Icons were redesigned. Double clicking the Line cells in the Elements window, only items of the actually available transitions are rotated, instead of the most frequently used ones. Testing of Angle dependent experiment set was improved. New messages. Minor bugs were corrected.
Dec. 2016
7.51 Minor errors of the wizard and the nanotube simulation were corrected. None of them disturbed the calculated results. Jan. 2016
7.50 The following error was corrected: at extrapolating the tabulated transmission function, calculated values were invalid. New transmission error messages were added. The actual values of the terms of the sensitivity factors can be displayed. The energy scale the Elements window can be temporarily switched to kinetic energy. Selection of parameters of the Gries IMFP calculation method is modified. Cells in the input windows can be edited. Several minor bugs were corrected. Sept. 2015
7.41 The following error was corrected: when the number of (Elements × Experiments) exceeds the maximum number of elements at calculating Angle dependent experiment set, the "Subscript out of range" error occurred.
Several minor bugs were corrected.
Oct. 2014
7.40 The undo features for the cell, row and table editing commands were enhanced. The levels of undo were increased.
The order of elements or experiments can be rearranged by drag and drop in the Elements and Intensity windows.
Elements can be removed from chart. All omit and visible states can be reset to default. All data file versions supported again.
Jul. 2014
7.30 The Data Wizard was enhanced, a new starting window was added.
Noise can be added to the simulated intensity values.
Positioning of the Data Wizard window was corrected.
Selection error of the initial folder of the Open... command was corrected.
Jan. 2014
7.22 The thickness of a linked layer is entered automatically in the Layer Calculation window.
A very infrequent window refresh error, causing program crash, was corrected.
New chapter (Tips and Tricks) in the User's Manual.
Oct. 2013
7.21 The following errors were corrected: for elemental materials the IMFP calculations by the Gries method may have provided erroneous values due to wrong parameter selection.
When clicking the folder icon in the address line of the Open dialog box in Windows  7, the program crashed.
Mar. 2013
7.20 The Parameter Summary window was added.
Older data files (versions 1.x) are no more supported.
New data file version (2.31): the measurement unit is stored when the Homogeneous model selected.
Minor bugs were corrected.
New application example.
New chapters (Carbonaceous Contamination, Parameter Summary) and figures in the User's Manual.
Jan. 2013
7.10 New feature: when the intensity of the adventitious carbon of an experiment is zero, no contamination correction is applied.
The following error was corrected: in spite of changing the IMFP method of the Homogeneous model, values may be calculated with the originally selected one.
Minor bugs of the Model Layout window were corrected.
An erroneous library item was corrected.
Aug. 2012
7.00 The Layers-on-Nanotube model was added, including the Modified tube layer variant.
The single row variant of the Layers-on-Sphere model was implemented.
Intensity simulation was implemented.
The Model Layout window was enhanced; drawing errors were corrected.
Reorganised Parameters window. Results windows were renamed.
New data file version (2.3).
Several new messages. Minor bugs were corrected.
New chapters in the User's Manual (Intensity Simulation, Layers-on-Nanotube Model).
Sept. 2011
6.13 The following, rare errors were corrected: when an XPS Reduced Data Exchange file is opened and the default model type is not Homogeneous, an error occurred.
When a modified example file is saved, always the Save As… command invoked.
Nov. 2010
6.12 When the Results window is minimized and a new line is inserted into the Elements or Intensity window, the program crashed.
Sizing errors of Chart and Transmission windows were corrected.
Sept. 2010
6.11 The following, very infrequent error was corrected: when an XPS Reduced Data Exchange file contains unidentifiable element entries, the sum of the percentage composition may exceed the 100 %. May 2010
6.10 The Open Example… command was added.
The ‘magic’ of example files was implemented.
The omit state of elements can be changed in the Layer Calculation window.
When a line cannot be found in the library, available lines are listed in the error message window.
Redesigned Model Summary window.
The Save As… command offers the user´s document folder.
Jan. 2010
6.00 New transmission file types were implemented (NPL, Unifit, Table, Poly 0).
Improved IMFP calculation for the Homogeneous model (Gries method, extended Separate options).
Displaying the calculated IMFP values of the Homogeneous model.
Redesigned Layer Calculation window.
New items in Parameters window.
New data file version (2.2).
The Data Wizard can be started automatically.
Minor bugs were corrected.
Oct. 2009
5.04 An error of loading results of structured models (may cause crash) is corrected.
Aug. 2008
5.03 The annoying error of the Paste Table command (inserting non-printable characters into cells) is corrected.
The Shift + Copy Table command was implemented.
Jul. 2008
5.02 A window sizing error (causing crash) is corrected.
Jan. 2008
5.01 The improper handling of file extensions of Template files is corrected.
The error in Model Layout window, when the polyhedral model is not defined, is corrected.
Enhanced checking of equations at island type models using Angle Dependent experiments.
Dec. 2007
5.00 The Layers-on-Polyhedron model type was added.
The Multiline Approach for the homogeneous model was added.
Reorganised Parameters and Notes windows.
Internal editing of transmission files.
The Template file type was introduced.
Improved error checking of element data and entry accelerator in Element window.
Rewritten, enhanced window handling and auto/manual resizing.
Enhanced HTML-based help system.
Cell copy from Results window.
New data file version (2.1).
Several new messages.
New application examples.
Minor bugs were corrected.
New chapters in the User's Manual (Template Files, Multiline Approach, Layers-on-Polyhedron Model, Polyhedron Editor Window).
Aug. 2007
4.10 Reading of version 1.1 XPS Reduced Data Exchange File was implemented.
Oct. 2005
4.00 The Oxide-Layer model type was added.
New AL calculation method was added (Cumpson-Seah) for the structured models.
The input window calculator was added.
IMFP and thickness measure conversion was added.
Enhanced selection of Autofit initial parameters (fewer overflow error).
Reading of XPS Reduced Data Exchange File (version 1.0) was implemented.
Extended library (version 4.0) with more line entries; erroneous library items were corrected.
New data file version (1.43).
Minor bugs were corrected.
New application examples.
New chapters in the User's Manual (Calculator in the Input Windows, Oxide-Layer Model, Contact).
Sept. 2005
3.00 Experiments recorded at various angles of emission can be calculated together (Angle dependent experiments set, 'ARXPS').
New IMFP calculation methods were added (Tanuma-Powell-Penn, Gries) for the structured models.
New data file version (1.42).
New library version (3.0).
Minor bugs were corrected.
New chapters in the User's Manual (Inelastic Mean Free Path, Step by Step).
Oct. 2003
2.10 The Model Layout window was added.
The content of the Chart window can be copied and printed directly.
New normalisation types (Oxide mass %, Oxide mass ratio).
Minor bugs were corrected.
Apr. 2002
2.01 Layer (forward) link bug was corrected.
Parameters error caused by older version data files were corrected.
Nov. 2001
2.00 The least squares fitting of the model parameters (Autofit) feature was added.
New model types (Islands-on-Sphere, Islands-on-Cylinder).
Multilayer (repeated layer structures) feature.
Enhanced data and model checking.
Several new messages.
New data file version (1.30).
Reorganised Parameters window.
Colours of the program components are controlled by the system colours set in the Control Panel of the operating system.
Sept. 2001
1.20 The Data Wizard was added to help filling the tables.
Drag and drop file open.
The start bitmap and data file icons were merged to the application file.
Oct. 2000
1.12 The development was migrated to Visual Basic 6.0.
The items of the atom location matrix in the Model window can be real numbers instead of integers.
New data file version (1.20).
Title editing feature and new messages were added.
Minor printing and window handling errors were corrected.
Sept. 2000
1.11 Pop-up menu for editing cells in input windows was added.
Few minor bugs were corrected (found by the author's four-year-old son).
Jan. 2000
1.10 The Islands-on-Plane model was added.
The intensity comparison graph was introduced to help layer thickness calculations.
User selectable source energy.
Improved help file and manual.
New data file version (1.12).
Several minor bugs were corrected.
Dec. 1999
1.00 The first release of XPS MultiQuant.
It was developed using Microsoft Visual Basic 4.0 Professional Edition.
Oct. 1999