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XPS MultiQuant file converters

Although the XPS Reduced Data Exchange File format is suggested to solve this task but this format is not yet widely applied.

An other possible solution may be, to interpret the quantification reports prepared by most of the XPS data processing systems. These reports can usually be saved as simple text files. The files can be converted to XPS Reduced Data Exchange files, which can be read by XPS MultiQuant. Future versions of XPS MultiQuant might import them directly.

Users of different XPS data processing systems are kindly asked to send as many as possible types of report files to the author, in order to write various converter / import programs for XPS MultiQuant.

As the first step of the above task, the converter program for the Kratos Vision 2 data system quantification reports is already written. A set of different quantification report files (with various experiment variables, like etch time, tilt angle, etc.) and the equivalent XPS Reduced Data Exchange files can be downloaded as examples.

Vision Convert Program

The converter program is also available, ready to use for Kratos users.

Quantification Report

Kratos Vision quantification report

Simple example report file

Kratos Vision quantification report examples

Various report files (different experiment variables, different operating systems, etc.)

Vision Converter program

Converts Kratos Vision 2 quantification report to XPS Reduced Data Exchange file
Version 2.90  build 69