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Small corrections

When small errors are found and corrected, which does not influence the results of the calculations and no changes were required on the user interface and in the User's Manual or Help, the version numbers are not changed and corrections are not listed in the Release Notes; only the build number is increased. These tiny corrections are listed in this table. The table refers only the current minor version.

Build Description Date
969 Small errors of the Split Intensity window were corrected. A new block is optional in data files. Decimal separator of pasted text was improperly interpreted on some non-US locales. Tiny errors in the help text and example file were corrected. 15 May 2023
956 The Split Intensity window was enhanced. 20 Mar. 2023
950 Some minor data manipulation errors (not disturbing the results of calculations) were corrected. 24 Jan. 2023
945 When oxide compositions are calculated, oxygens can also be omitted from the sum and the oxygen balance. 06 Dec. 2022
944 Version 7.83 released. 04 Nov. 2022
915 Testing of element data is improved. Small errors at scaling of cross sections and at Multiline Approach are corrected. New library version (4.1). 01 Sep. 2021
906 The name of the next undo action for the current window is displayed in the popup menu. Some data blocks are written into data files optionally. Undo is implemented for intensity simulation. 03 Jun. 2021
885 Some parameters of old data files were improperly interpreted. 23 Nov. 2020
881 Pasting of data containing empty cells was corrected. Small errors at Intensity Simulation corrected. 29 Sept. 2020
875 Version 7.82 released. 10 Aug. 2020
838 Version 7.81 released. 20 Jan. 2020
808 Testing of equation system of island type models and testing of nanotube radius were refined. When a column with two rows was pasted, it could not be transposed. Pasting can be forced without analysing clipboard content using the CTRL / Paste Cells command. 10 Sept. 2019
800 The value of the excitation-analyser angle is not tested when the correction method is None. The thickness of the contaminant layer in the Model Layout window was oversized when the Evans method was applied. When a file is loaded by workspace, wizard is not displayed, even Start wizard automatically is on. 11 Jun. 2019
799 Some wizard messages were modified. 10 Apr. 2019
797 Testing of transmission files is slightly modified. A new error message added. 29 Mar. 2019
792 If the current transmission file was invalid, at opening the Parameters window the program was not responding. 01 Mar. 2019
791 When a negative number entered into Intensity window, it was treated as zero, not an empty cell. 12 Feb. 2019
789 When lines were pasted into the Elements window, data for elements 19 and 20 were disappeared. Determination of file transmission subtype was incorrect. 22 Jan. 2019
786 If the Intensity window was displayed, contents of the unselected label sets were deleted unintentionally. 17 Dec. 2018
783 Version 7.80 released. 06 Dec. 2018