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Polymer Chemistry Research Group


Polymer degradation and stabilization



 Béla IvánGyörgy KaszaZsófia OsváthTímea StumphauserGyörgyi Szarka


PVC degradation  

Knowing the process of how devices based on polymers and polymer-based plastics change their properties during daily, ordinary usage is key in terms of usage of such materials. A typical scientific problem in this field is the thermo-oxidative degradation of PVC, of which the research group has been carrying out long-term research.
Nowdays the development of polymer chemistry, in particular the efficient methods for functionalizing polymers, has paved the way for the new family of stabilizers that slow down the harmful processes caused by environmental impacts: macrostimulators (macromolecules containing stabilizer functional groups). Our research group has achieved important results in the field of producing and studying such macrostabilizers based on hyper-branched polymers.