29 MAY - 3 JUNE, 2016       BUDAPEST, HUNGARY
Materials based on well-defined polymers obtained by living polymerizations are of paramount importance not only in today´s research and developments (R&D) but many of these are going to shape various future advanced materials, technologies and applications ranging among others from the nanoscale to macroscopic objects and from high-tech to biomedical areas with high added values. This is why we are experiencing R&D activities with unprecedented intensities in all these and related science and technology fields worldwide at this time. Thus, the LPP16 World Congress aims to bring together scientists, technologists, producers and end-users and provide an exceptional opportunity for a forum and networking in all related areas of all kinds of living polymerizations and polymers made thereby.

It might also be of interest that in 2016, there will be the 80th and 60th anniversaries of describing polymerizations without chain breaking reactions by Ziegler, Abkin and Medvedev and the publication of an article entitled "Living Polymers" by Szwarc in Nature in 1956, respectively. The latter was followed by intensive research resulting in various commercial products, such as telechelic polymers and block copolymers, within a few years. Since then, unforeseen advancements have occurred, and R&D leading to new living polymerization techniques and polymeric materials is going on with unexpected speed worldwide nowadays.