29 MAY - 3 JUNE, 2016       BUDAPEST, HUNGARY
The official language of the conference is English.

The length of invited lectures is 30 minutes, while that of oral presentations is 20 minutes including discussion. Projector, local computer and laser pointer will be available for PowerPoint and PDF presentations. The projector can also be connected to your laptop computer.

Poster dimensions can be maximum of 130 cm in height and 100 cm in width.

Please, note that participants should make themselves their hotel reservations. There are plenty of hotels not far from the conference site. Recommended hotels with easy access by public transportation to the conference site are listed below with links to their homepage. Information can be downloaded as well (.doc | .pdf).

Please review your visa requirements to enter Hungary in advance.

The weather is usually pleasant in Hungary in May-June. Average daily temperatures are between 15-30 °C, and 10-20 °C during nights. Rainy days may occur. It is suggested to check weather forecast before your trip.

It may be useful and interesting to get acquainted in advance with some general information about Hungary.

Recommended hotels