Download XPS MultiQuant components

Application Distribution kit of XPS MultiQuant for Windows
(Including User's Manual)
Version 7.00  build 92
6542 KB
Application Service update of XPS MultiQuant for Windows
Version 7.81  build 838
4358 KB
Manual XPS MultiQuant User's Manual
in portable document format
(Download is recommended instead of online view.)
3618 KB
Manual XPS MultiQuant Technical Notes
in portable document format
975 KB
Utilities XPS MultiQuant Utility programs
To check files, calculate instrument angles
and control operating system's file search
1433 KB
Reduced Data Exchange XPS Reduced Data Exchange File Developer's Kit
(Including Manual and example files)
Version 1.1
2675 KB
Manual XPS Reduced Data Exchange File Developer's Manual
in portable document format
713 KB
Vision Converter Vision Converter program
Converts Kratos Vision 2 quantification report to XPS Reduced Data Exchange file
Version 2.6  build 45
133 KB
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23 KB


XPS MultiQuant can be used under 32 or 64 bit Windows operating systems.
It was tested on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 but also expected to run on 98, ME and NT without difficulty.
Before running setup, remove any previous installations of the program.

XPS MultiQuant can be run under Linux as well, using Wine. See details in Technical Notes (chapter "Running XPS MultiQuant under other operating systems") and the homepage of Wine for the latest information.

To install XPS MultiQuant on your computer:

If an appropriate Service Update is available (same major version), download and decompress the archive and follow the instructions of the attached Read Me file.
See the Release Notes for details of updated versions.

Changes of build number

The changes of the build number, without changes in the version numbers, means that tiny corrections were made on the program which does not influence the results of the calculations. These changes can be checked here.

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